Recent Papers on Exoplanet Instruments, Mission Concepts, and Studies

SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System - ADS is a valuable source for published papers on Exoplanet science, Instruments, and Mission Concepts. To search by topic, enter one or more terms, like the following, into the keyword box: starshade, coronagraph, "debris disk”, exoplanet. (astro-ph) - Many of the most recent preprints are available from arXiv. Use the ‘Advanced search’ to narrow your search with more than one criterion.

NASA Astrophysics

Astrophysics Documents - A repository of key documents and American Astronomical Society presentations.

ExEP Standard Definitions and Evaluation Team

ExSDET Charter - The Exoplanet Standard Definitions and Evaluation Team charter for the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey.

The Standard Definitions and Evaluation Team Final Report

EXOSIMS Download

AYO for LUVOIR Yield

Key Documents

Quick Studies of science capabilities of exoplanet imaging missions (2014)

Completeness of Precision Radial Velocity Surveys of Nearby Stars for Planetary Companions (2014)

Study on Applications of Large Space Optics (SALSO, 2013)

Exoplanet Exploration Program Technology Plan Appendix (2018)

Exoplanet Expolaration Technology Development Plan (2017)

New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics (2010)

A European Roadmap for Exoplanets (2010)

Blue Dots Report (2010)

Exoplanet Community Report (2009)

ExoPTF Report (2008)

Earth-like Exoplanets (2006)

Exoplanet Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG)

ExoPAG Documents and Reports

Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Study Reports (2009)

ACCESS: John Trauger (JPL/Caltech, PI)

ATLAST: Marc Postman (STScI, PI)

EPIC: Mark Clampin (NASA/GSFC, PI)

DAViNCI: Michael Shao (JPL/Caltech, PI)

New Worlds Observer: Webster Cash (Univ. Colorado, PI)

PECO: Olivier Guyon (Univ. Arizona, PI)

Planet Hunter: Geoffrey Marcy (UC Berkeley, PI)

THEIA: David Spergel (Univ. Princeton, PI)

TPF-C Study Reports and Documents

ASTRO2010 RFI: TPC-C 4m Mission Concept (2009)

ASTRO2010 RFI: TPF-C 8m Mission Concept (2009)

ASTRO2010 White Paper: Technologies for Direct Optical Imaging of Exoplanet (2009)

TPF-C STDT Report (2006)

Coronagraph Workshop (2006) (Archive)

TPF-C Flight Baseline Design Report (2006)

TPF-C Technology Plan (2005)

Milestone 1 Report

Milestone 2 Report

Milestone 3 White Paper

TPF-I Study Reports and Documents

TPF-I SWG Report (2007)

TPF-I Technology Plan (2005)

TPF Architecture Trade Studies (2001) (Archive)

TPF Book 1999 (Archive)

Milestone 1 Report

Milestone 2 Report

Milestone 3 Report

Milestone 4 Report

Milestone 5 Whitepaper

Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI) HOSTS Publications

Target Selection for the LBTI Exozodi Key Science Program (2015)

Exo-zodi modelling for the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (2015)

First-light LBT Nulling Interferometric Observations (2015)

Technology Development for Exoplanet Missions (TDEM)

Whitepapers and Final Reports

Coronagraph and Starshade Masks, Stops, and Pinhole Files

Fabrication and Assessment of Petal Edge Accuracy and Defects

Fabrication and Assessment of Pinholes

Laboratory Starshade Design Files

Front Side Mask – 2017-12-7

Back Side Mask – 2017-12-7