Exoplanet HD 80606 b was the topic of Kyle Pearson's 2022 publication featuring the work of Exoplanet Watch citizen scientists. You can see an artist's concept of this exoplanet in NASA's Eyes on Exoplanets. Click and drag the planet to move it around, or click the "+" to see more information about this exoplanet. Credit: NASA's Eyes on Exoplanets

Below are publications that use data and/or products of Exoplanet Watch. View on SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).

If you are a citizen scientist participating in Exoplanet Watch, you will be listed as a co-author on scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals if they use your light curve in their research. You don't have to write your own scientific paper in order to contribute to the global body of scientific knowledge about transiting exoplanets.

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