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Welcome to the Toolkit page, a collection of essential resources for optimizing your meeting experience. The tools and resources are aimed to facilitate collaboration, encourage questions and interaction as well as promote seamless collaboration among participants. Whether attending remote or in person, this toolkit is your go-to destination for maximizing the effectiveness of your meeting experience.

ExoPAG 30 Remote Participation

Remote participants can join the meeting via online collaboration tools. There is no charge to participate remotely.

Use the link above or go to https://jpl.webex.com/
Meeting ID: 2822 412 2945
PW: exoplanets
Audio only: 844-575-9329

ExoPAG Slack Space

The ExoPAG slack space is available for all community members to interact anytime, particularly during the bi-annual meetings fostering real-time conversations with remote and in person attendees.

Click the link above or this invite link to join the conversation. Channels to participate in are #general #exopag30 and #earlycareer

NASA Question and Answer Session

Meeting participants may ask questions related to the ExoPAG agenda by way of the online tool. Feel free to ask an annonomous question or up vote one already asked by a colleague

Presentation Google Drive

Preliminary versions of most of the ExoPAG 30 talks can be found in the google drive prior to the meeting. Final versions of the presentations will be added to the meeting program as soon as they are cleared for public release