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*NEW* Draft Agenda
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Venue: Rhode Island Convention Center

MAY 5, 2024

Session 1 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
Welcome + ExoPAG goals and overview of activities Ilaria Pascucci 9:30 AM 0:10
NASA Headquarters Exoplanet Exploration Program Focus on interdisciplinary opportunties Hannah Jang-Condell 9:40 AM 0:20
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Office Gary Blackwood 10:00 AM 0:15
ExEP Science w focus on Science Gap List to search for life on extrasolar planets Eric Mamajek 10:15 AM 0:20
BREAK (20 min) 10:35 AM 0:20
SIG3- Exoplanet / Solar System Synergies Vikki Meadows 10:55 AM 0:20
VEXAG: the potential for past habitability on Venus and science gaps Noam Izenberg 11:15 AM 0:20
MEPAG Mars Exploration Analysis group: searching for life on Mars - science gaps Victoria Hamilton 11:35 AM 0:20
Brain Dates 1
Themes TBA
Session 1: Identifying Common Scientific Gaps 11:55 AM 0:30
Individual Sharing (10 minutes):
Each participant shares their perspective on the most pressing scientific gaps in their field related to the search for life.
Group Discussion (20 minutes):
Open discussion to explore these gaps, focusing on overlapping challenges and unique obstacles faced by each community.
LUNCH BREAK (90 min) 12:25 PM 1:30
Session 2 (Chair: TBD) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
NExSS overview and WGs focusing on the search for life beyond Earth Ofer Cohen 1:55 PM 0:30
Cross AG IDEA working group Jessica Noviello 2:25 PM 0:20
OPAG goals in relation to habitability in the outer Solar System Morgan Cable 2:45 PM 0:20
Cross-AG Ocean Worlds Working Group (OWWG) Cynthia Phillips and Michael Bland 3:05 PM 0:20
The search for Life in the Solar System Lori Glaze 3:25 PM 0:30
Brain Dates 2
Themes TBA
Session 2: Exploring Interdisciplinary Opportunities 3:55 PM 0:20
Brainstorming (10 minutes):
Participants propose ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging the unique strengths of each community.
Prioritization and Action Steps (10 minutes):
Discuss and prioritize the proposed ideas, considering feasibility, impact, and interest. Identify potential next steps to explore these opportunities further.
Lightning Talks 3 min per presentation (10 presentations) 4:15 PM 0:30
BREAK (20 min) 4:45 PM 0:20
Session 3 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
Business Meeting:
  • Summary of Common science gaps and cross-divisional opportunities for progress (we need to take notes)
  • Discuss New SIGs/SAGs, Discuss Potential New Findings
  • Solicit new suggestions for ExEP or ExoPAG action
  • Announcements, etc.
All 5:05 PM 1:00
EC Closed Session EC Members 6:15 PM 0:30