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Agenda (updated June 12, 2024)
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Venue: Rhode Island Convention Center
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Group photo from ExoPAG 30.

MAY 5, 2024

Session 1 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
Welcome + ExoPAG goals and overview of activities Ilaria Pascucci 9:30 AM 0:10
NASA Headquarters Exoplanet Exploration Program Focus on interdisciplinary opportunties Hannah Jang-Condell & John Wisniewski 9:40 AM 0:20
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Office Dawn Gelino 10:00 AM 0:15
ExEP Science w focus on Science Gap List to search for life on extrasolar planets Eric Mamajek 10:15 AM 0:20
BREAK (20 min) 10:35 AM 0:20
SIG3- Exoplanet / Solar System Synergies Vikki Meadows 10:55 AM 0:20
VEXAG: the potential for past habitability on Venus and science gaps Noam Izenberg 11:15 AM 0:20
MEPAG Mars Exploration Analysis group: searching for life on Mars - science gaps Victoria Hamilton 11:35 AM 0:20
Interdisciplinary Exchange 1
Themes TBA
Session 1: Identifying Common Scientific Gaps 11:55 AM 0:30
Group Discussion: Small group discussion to explore the most pressing scientific gaps within each topic group, focusing on overlapping or unique challenges faced by each of the communities represented within the topic group. Participants also propose ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging the unique strengths of each community.
LUNCH BREAK (90 min) 12:25 PM 1:30
Session 2 (Chair: Sarah Peacock) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
NExSS overview and WGs focusing on the search for life beyond Earth Ofer Cohen 1:55 PM 0:30
Cross AG IDEA working group Jessica Noviello 2:25 PM 0:20
OPAG goals in relation to habitability in the outer Solar System Morgan Cable 2:45 PM 0:20
Cross-AG Ocean Worlds Working Group (OWWG) Cynthia Phillips and Michael Bland 3:05 PM 0:20
The search for Life in the Solar System Lori Glaze 3:25 PM 0:30
Interdisciplinary Exchange 2
Themes TBA
Session 2: Exploring Interdisciplinary Opportunities 3:55 PM 0:20
Each small group briefly presents a summary of their discussion, followed by an all-participants discussion.
Lightning Talks
Hypervelocity Ice Impact Ziyu Huang, Boston University - Post Doctoral 4:15 PM 0:30
HWO rule out O2 biosignature false positives Anna Ulses, University of Washington - Grad Student
Evaluating the Origin of Life on Exoplanets Finnegan Keller, Brown University - Undergrad
Exoplanet Aeronomy WASP-69b Garrett Levine, Yale University - Grad Student
LIFE Eleonora Alei, NPP Fellow, NASA GSFC - Post Doc
Characterizing Terrestrial Atmospheres with ELTs Miles Currie, University of Washington - Grad Student
Planetary Radius on Atmospheric Escape of Rocky Exoplanets Laura Chin, Boston University - Grad Student
Biosignatures on Sub-Neptune Waterworlds Shang-Min Tsai, UC Riverside - Post Doc
BREAK (20 min) 4:45 PM 0:20
Session 3 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration (H:MM)
Business Meeting:
  • Summary of Common science gaps and cross-divisional opportunities for progress
  • Discuss New SIGs/SAGs, Discuss Potential New Findings
  • Solicit new suggestions for ExEP or ExoPAG action
  • Announcements, etc.
All 5:05 PM 1:00
EC Closed Session EC Members 6:15 PM 0:30