Community Science Whitepapers for the Astro 2020 Decadal

Members of the exoplanet community are organizing the writing of white papers for the Astro2020 Decadal at this site. This currently includes an archived list of science white papers, and an active spreadsheet tab for community organization of white papers responding to the Activities, Projects and State of the Profession call. Further details on the white papers and deadlines can be found on the NAS site.

Large Mission Studies for 2020 Decadal

Final Report

Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG) Report to Paul Hertz Regarding Large Mission Concepts to Study for the 2020 Decadal Survey
Final version submitted to APS on 10/6/2015

Charge to the PAGs on Astrophysics Probes

About the Survey

Paul Hertz (NASA Astrophysics Division Director) has charged the three Astrophysics Program Analysis Groups (PAGs) with reviewing a small set of candidate large mission concepts, and suggesting addition, subtraction, and other useful summary. The results of this review will be reported at the NASA Advisory Council Subcommittee meeting in October in the form of a report. This page provides information on the charge and the ExoPAG's plans for responding to this charge and creating this report. The ExoPAG will respond to this charge in the context of its Science Interest Group #1 activities, as described in the following charter: SIG #1: Toward a Near-Term Exoplanet Community Plan. The ExoPAG is soliciting input from the community through three primary methods:

The COPAG is also soliciting white papers and are happy to receive white papers from the ExoPAG community:

Science Division Documents

Supporting Documents


Similar meetings for the other PAGs can be found at: