The iSAT Steering Committee is responsible for recommending membership in the subgroups of the iSAT study, ensuring they are well represented in terms of expertise. The Steering Committee also advises the Study Leads, providing feedback at key junctions of the Study regarding its progress and direction in moving the work forward.

iSAT Steering Committee telecons

Steering Committee

Nasser Barghouty (NASA APD)
Ray Bell (Lockheed)
Keith Belvin (NASA STMD)
Bill Doggett (NASA LaRC)
Matthew Greenhouse (NASA GSFC)
John Grunsfeld (NASA retired)
Joanne Hill-Kittle (NASA/GSFC)
Scott Knight (Ball Aerospace)
Brad Peterson (OSU/STScI)
Joe Pitman (The Sensing Company)
Ron Polidan (PSST Consulting)
Dave Redding (JPL)
Eric Smith (NASA JWST/APD)
Florence Tan (NASA SMD)
Keith Warfield (NASA ExEP)