March 16, 2011

Dear ExoPAG Members,

The ExoPAG and the COPAG (Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group) will hold a one day joint working group meeting on Tuesday, April 26 at the Space Telescope Institute in Baltimore to discuss future large UV/Optical/NIR telescope needs and technology drivers. Ken Sembach at STScI is our host. COPAG Chair Chris Martin and I would like to start those discussions in broad terms at this first meeting and outline a path forward for future coordination between the two PAGs. We'll plan for one full day of meeting, starting early, say 8:30 AM. We will end by 4 PM or perhaps a bit earlier to allow people to travel that evening. We will have telecon capability for those who cannot attend in person.

Space is limited to about 25 people total (from both PAGs), so this meeting cannot be open to the entire community. We can bring several people, though, in addition to the ExoPAG Steering Committee members (all of whom are invited). Please let Jim Kasting know if you would like to attend and we will try to accommodate you. Be sure to provide your contact info and your specific area of interest in the joint meeting.

Those of you who are not attending in person are invited to join the meeting via Webex. Please see Webex information below.

The agenda will be approximately as follows:


8:30 AM Meeting begins
8:45 Exoplanet science requirements (Kasting)
9:30 COPAG science requirements (Sembach or Postman)
10:15 Technical aspects of coronagraphs/occulters (Noecker)
12:00 Working lunch
1:00 Further Discussions
4:00 Adjourn


James Kasting
Matt Mountain
Charley Noecker
Marc Postman
Kenneth Sembach
Meeting Summary