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Agenda (PDF - updated January 3, 2024)

All times CST (PST -2 hours, EST +1 hour, UTC +5 hours)

Remote Participation: Join Webex Meeting ID: 2760 228 0383 Password: planets2024 Audio only: 844-575-9329 or see other global call in numbers

Venue: Hilton New Orleans Riverside, Quarterdeck Ballroom Address: 2 Poydras Street New Orleans, LA 70130

JANUARY 6, 2024

Session 1 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (CST) Duration (H:MM)
Welcome Ilaria Pascucci 9:00 AM 0:15
NASA Headquarters Exoplanet Exploration Program Video Hannah Jang-Condell 9:15 AM 0:20
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Office Video Gary Blackwood 9:35 AM 0:15
ExEP Science Video Karl Stapelfeldt 9:50 AM 0:15
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) and NASA Exoplanet Archive Update Video David Ciardi 10:05 AM 0:15
BREAK (30 min) 10:20 AM 0:30
ExEP Technology Update Video Brendan Crill 10:50 AM 0:15
SAG 22 Final Report Video Natalie Hinkel 11:05 AM 0:15
Potential SAG on Technosignatures Video Jason Wright 11:20 AM 0:15
Potential SAG on Atmospheric Retrieval HWO Video Renyu Hu 11:35 AM 0:15
NASA’s Transform to OPen Science (TOPS) initiative Video Jenn Burt 11:50 AM 0:15
LUNCH BREAK (90 min) 12:05 AM 1:30
Introducing the 2024 ExoExplorers Cohort Tiffany Kataria 1:35 PM 0:15
Session 2 Mini Symposium (Chair: Lily Zhao)
TOPIC: Systems Architectures
Speaker Time (CST) Duration (H:MM)
No Evidence for More Earth-sized Planets in the Habitable Zone of Kepler's M versus FGK Stars Video Galen Bergsten 1:50 PM 0:25
The Path to Uncovering the Histories of TESS Circumbinary Planets Video Dominic Oddo 2:15 PM 0:25
Unveiling Orbital Architectures with the TESS-Keck Survey Video Alex Polanski 2:40 PM 0:25
BREAK (30 min) 3:05 PM 0:30
Session 3 SIG/SAG Update (Chair: Natalie Hinkel) Speaker Time (CST) Duration (H:MM)
SIG 2: Exoplanet Demographics Video Samson Johnson 3:35 PM 0:20
SIG 3: Exoplanet / Solar System Synergies Kathy Mandt 3:55 PM 0:20
SAG 23: The Impact of Exo-Zodiacal Dust on Exoplanet Direct Imaging Surveys Video John Debes 4:15 PM 0:20
SAG 24: Exploring the Complementary Science Value of Starshade Observations Video Sara Seager 4:35 PM 0:20

JANUARY 7, 2024

Session 4 (Chair: Kate Follette) Speaker Time (CST) Duration (H:MM)
NASA Astrobiology Program Video David Grinspoon 9:00 AM 0:30
Roman - review of accepted exoplanet-focused investigations Video Scott Gaudi 9:30 AM 0:20
Timelines of planetary and astrophysics missions Video Stephen Kane 9:50 AM 0:20
START team: plans and interactions with the ExoPAG community Video Courtney Dressing 10:10 AM 0:20
BREAK (30 min) 10:30 AM 0:30
Session 5 (Chair: Ilaria Pascucci) Speaker Time (CST) Duration (H:MM)
Business Meeting: Discuss New SIGs/SAGs, Discuss Potential New Findings, Solicit new suggestions for ExEP or ExoPAG action, Announcements, etc. Video Lead: Ilaria Pascucci
astro-planetary connections: Diana Dragomir
JWST targets: Ian Crossfield
Solicit new suggestions/findings: Gary Blackwood
11:00 AM 1:30

JANUARY 7, 2024

Closed EC Executive Session 1:00-2:15 PM CST
Joint Program Analysis Group (PAG) Session 3:00-5:00 PM CST
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Room: 244 / 245