Image taken from the Kepler-16b travel poster.

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Please submit questions to

To ensure that all potential applicants have access to the same information, we will post answers to received questions on this webpage. The last day to submit substantive questions about the program, call, or application content is October 30. After this date, we will only answer procedural questions about the application process.

  • Can I revise my application after submission? (10/21/2020)

    No, but you may submit a new application.

    If you submit a new application, please email the Organizing Committee to let them know you wish to replace your original application with the newly-submitted one. No revisions will be accepted after the November 5 application deadline.

  • Who is eligible to apply? (updated 10/15/2020)

    Graduate students and postdocs who will be enrolled in or employed by a US institution at the start of this pilot cohort (January 2021) are eligible to participate in this first pilot cohort; there are no exceptions. If the ExoExoplorers program is extended, we intend to open future cohorts to non-US participants. For this pilot program, we will only consider graduate student and postdoc applicants. If the ExoExoplorers program is extended to future cohorts, we will explore broadening the call to include other communities.

  • My email to "" bounced. What should I do? (10/15/2020)

    Please email Vanessa Bailey directly with subject line "ExoExplorers FAQ."

  • What is the role of an ExoGuide? (10/15/2020)

    During the session that runs from January-June, each ExoGuide will present one hour-long lecture directly to the cohort that speaks to their experiences as a scientist. This lecture would, with permission, be recorded and later posted online for public viewing. Example lecture topics might include speaking to experiences building effective collaborations in the era of next-generation NASA missions or visions and perspectives on training the next generation of scientists. ExoGuide lectures should showcase broad, diverse perspectives that work to engage the exoplanet community.

    Additionally, each ExoGuide will participate in one hour-long informal roundtable discussion, which will enable the cohort to gain broader understanding of the ExoGuide's experiences in exoplanet science.

  • What does the "activities described above" referenced in item #2 in the application instructions refer to? (10/15/2020)

    The "activities described above" referenced in item #2 in the application instructions refers to the cohort activities: presenting your talk, weekly cohort interactions, ExoGuide discussions, and other professional development events.

  • What should I discuss in the DEI portion of my statement? (updated 10/13/2020)

    Applicants should articulate their understanding of the current issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the broader exoplanet community. They should further describe what they will bring to the cohort’s efforts at increasing DEI, which could include lived experiences, participation in previous efforts aimed at serving historically underserved and underrepresented communities (as attendee or facilitator), or new ideas they would like to explore. They should finally explain how they hope their experience as an ExoExplorer will enable them to improve DEI in the exoplanet community.

  • Do I need to be nominated by my institution or advisor? (10/7/2020)

    No, you do not need to be nominated.

  • How can I stay informed about the ExoExplorers Science Series? (10/7/2020)

    We will soon have an announcements listserv that you will be able to subscribe to. We hope to have that ready in the next few days. We'll update this question with sign-up instructions when the listserv is ready. Before the application deadline, we'll use this list to announce any important changes to the application call or process. Once the series begins in Jan 2021, we'll use this list to let you know about upcoming talks as well as when recordings are posted on our website.

  • What information should go in the Statement? (10/5/2020)

    The instructions for the statement can be found on the Call for Applications page.