June 11, 2022 - June 12, 2022


Sheraton Hotel, 303 Cordova St. Pasadena, CA 91101
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JUNE 11, 2022

Session 1 (Chair: Michael Meyer) Speaker Time (PDT) Duration
Michael Meyer 9:00 AM 0:15
NASA Headquarters Exoplanet Exploration Program
Hannah Jang-Condell 9:15 AM 0:30
Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP) Office
Christine Moran 9:45 AM 0:15
ExEP Science
Eric Mamajek 10:00 AM 0:20
NExScI and NASA Exoplanet Archive Update
David Ciardi 10:20 AM 0:20
BREAK (30 min) 10:40 AM 0:30
Early Career Talk: Novel Methylated Biosignatures: Outcomes of a General Metabolic Process as a New Class of Biosignatures
Michaela Leung 11:10 AM 0:15
Early Career Talk: Precise Dynamical Masses of New Directly Imaged Companions from Combining Relative Astrometry, Radial Velocities, and Hipparcos-Gaia eDR3 Accelerations
Emily Rickman 11:25 AM 0:15
ExEP Technology Update
Brendan Crill 11:40 AM 0:30
LUNCH BREAK (90 min) 12;10 PM 1:30
Session 2 (Chair: Knicole Colon) Speaker Time (PDT) Duration
Early Career Talk: On the nature of small planets orbiting low-mass stars Rafael Luque 1:40 PM 0:15
Where We Explore
Anjali Tripathi 1:55 PM 0:15
Exoplanets with Gaia
Timothy Brandt 2:10 PM 0:30
SIG 3 Update: Exoplanet/Solar System Synergies
Laura Mayorga (remote) 2:40 PM 0:30
BREAK (30 min) 3:10 PM 0:30
Session 3 (Chair: Diana Dragomir) Speaker Time (PDT) Duration
Overview of NExSS Working Groups
Dawn Gelino 3:40 PM 0:15
NExSS Quantitative Habitability
Rory Barnes 3:55 PM 0:20
Coronagraph Innovation (PPTX)
Rus Belikov/Kevin Fogarty (remote) 4:15 PM 0:20

JUNE 12, 2022

Session 4 (Chair: Bertrand Mennesson) Speaker Time (PDT) Duration
Early Career Talk: First results from the Distant Giants survey: 10 new long-period companions
(Video partial)
Judah Van Zandt 9:00 AM 0:15
Recap of Precursor Science Workshop Terri Brandt 9:15 AM 0:15
ExoSET- Exoplanet Science Evaluation Team
Rhonda Morgan 9:30 AM 0:20
Great Observatories Maturation Program (GOMaP) Interfaces to ExoPAG
Gary Blackwood 9:50 AM 0:15
GOMaP Stage 1 Technology Activities
Nick Siegler 10:05 AM 0:20
BREAK (20 min) 10:25 AM
Session 5 (Chair: M. Meyer) Speaker Time (PDT) Duration
Business Meeting: Introduce incoming Chair, Discuss New SIGs/SAGs, Discuss Potential New Findings, Review progress on past suggestions, propose new suggestions, Announcements, etc.
Michael Meyer 10:45 AM 1:30

JUNE 12, 2022

Joint Program Analysis Group (PAG) Session 3:00-5:00 PM PDT
(Sheraton Pasadena Hotel - Piazza Room)
Joint PAG Meeting Presentation January 12, 2022, Paul Hertz
Link to Webex connection- PCOS meeting page

About the Meeting

NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG) will hold its twenty sixth meeting June 11th through the 12th, 2022 immediately preceeding the 240th AAS meeting in Pasadena, CA. This will be a hybrid meeting. The agenda will include programmatic updates of relevance for the ExoPAG community, science updates and descriptions of exciting new capabilities, updates from SIGs and SAGs, a mini symposium on the State of the Profession, as well as our regular business meeting.

ExoPAG meetings offer an opportunity to participate in discussions of scientific and technical issues in exoplanet exploration, and a forum for community input on the prioritization of activities in NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP). All interested members of the space science community are invited to attend and participate. Suggestions for topics and/or speakers at the meeting along these lines are welcome.

Code of Conduct

Please review the ExoPAG 26 Code of Conduct for all meeting participants

Conference Registration

We ask that intended participants provide their general information by accessing the blue "register" button above to assist us with logistics planning. (there is no fee associated with this)
Additionally, ExoPAG attendees will need to register for the AAS conference as the ExoPAG is considered a splinter meeting of the summer AAS. For those that will not attend any AAS sessions outside of the ExoPAG, please select the "HAD Member 2 Day Special" registration.

Venue Information

Pasadena Convention Center
303 Cordova Street Pasadena, CA 91101
Conference Room- Justine's Ballroom

Hotel and Transportation

  • AAS has provided discounted rates at 2 hotels which can be booked through their site. There are additional hotels recommended by the convention center.
  • The Hollywood Burbank Airport is approximately 16 miles from Pasadena. Rideshare cost is ~$30-$50 and Taxi ~$65
  • Los Angeles Int. Airport is approximately 29 miles from Pasadena. Rideshare cost is ~$60-$100 and Taxi ~$100. Shuttle and Metro information is also available.

Remote Access

Real Time Questions and Answers

  • Questions for speakers and the Executive Committee should be submitted via the NASA online tool at!/dashboard. Click the "+ ask" button on the right side of the green box to submit a question.
  • The Q&A session will be moderated and all appropriate questions will be made public (i.e. no profanity, abuse etc)
  • All public questions will be published anonymously
  • Questions can be "upvoted" by other attendees by clicking the arrow to the left of the question
  • All answers can be viewed under each question
  • Previous FAQs

Early Career Scientists Talk Guidelines

The application for early career talks is now closed.

Community Feedback

Community members can propose suggestions for the ExoPAG that will be dispositioned by the EC and can subsequently be discussed by the full ExoPAG.
Members can also propose ideas for future ExoPAG findings via this google form. (See description of past findings.)