The ExoPAG Executive Committee is selected by NASA through a Dear Colleague letter. The EC serves to coordinate between NASA and the wider exoplanet community represented by the ExoPAG itself. The current EC was selected in March 2021.

2021 ExoPAG Executive Committee members

Michael Meyer
University of Michigan
Natasha Batalha NASA-Ames
Jacob Bean The University of Chicago
Michael Bottom The University of Hawaii
Ofer Cohen University of Massachusetts Lowell
Knicole Colon NASA GSFC
John Debes STScI
Tiffany Kataria JPL
Ilaria Pascucci The University of Arizona
Joshua Pepper Lehigh University
Dmitry Savransky Cornell University
Laura Schaefer Stanford University
Hannah Jang-Condell,
Executive Secretary, Astrophysics Division
NASA Headquarters
Douglas Hudgins,
Program Scientist, Exoplanet Exploration Program
NASA Headquarters
Doris Daou,
NASA Planetary Science Division Liaison
NASA Headquarters
Richard Eckman,
NASA Earth Science Division Liaison
NASA Headquarters
Galen Fowler,
NASA Heliophysics Division Liaison
NASA Headquarters