June 24, 2021

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ExEP Program (Chair: Michael Meyer) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration
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Michael Meyer (U. Michigan) 12:00 PM 0:10
NASA Headquarters Exoplanet Exploration Program Overview
(Video | Transcript)
Hannah Jang-Condell (NASA HQ) 12:10 PM 0:30
Exoplanet Exploration Program Office Overview
(Video | Transcript)
Gary Blackwood (NASA JPL) 12:40 PM 0:15
ExEP Science & NASA Exoplanet Archive Update
(Video | Transcript)
Eric Mamajek (NASA JPL), David Ciard (NExScI-Caltech/IPAC) 12:55 PM 0:15
ExoExplorers Update
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Tiffany Kataria (NASA JPL) 1:10 PM 0:15
Exoplanet Exploration Program Technology Update
(Video | Transcript)
Brendan Crill (NASA JPL) 1:25 PM 0:15
BREAK (15 min) 1:40 PM 0:15
Science Updates (Chair: Knicole Colon) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration
Heliophysics Overview
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1:55 PM 0:30
Alex Glocer (GSFC)
Holly Gilbert (UCAR)
SAG21 update- The Effect of Stellar Contamination on Space-based Transmission Spectroscopy
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Néstor Espinoza (STSCI) 2:25 PM 0:20
The Pandora SmallSat Mission: Science Objectives
(Video | Transcript)
Emily Gilbert (U. Chicago) 2:45 PM 0:15
The Pandora SmallSat Mission: Instrument Design Jordan Karburn (LLNL) 3:00 PM 0:15
Multiplicity of TESS Objects of Interest
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Steve Howell (NASA Ames) 3:15 PM 0:20
BREAK (15 min) 3:35 PM 0:15
Business Meeting (Chair: M. Meyer) Speaker Time (EDT) Duration
SAG 22 Update- Investigating an Exoplanet Target Star Archive
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Joshua Pepper (Lehigh U.) 3:50 PM 0:10
SIG2 Update- Exoplanet Demographics
(Video | Transcript)
Jessie Christiansen (NExScICaltech/ IPAC) 4:00 PM 0:10
Future Activities and Possible Future Findings
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General Discussion 4:10 PM 1:05
Adjourn 5:15 PM

About the Meeting

NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program Analysis Group (ExoPAG) will hold its twenty-fourth meeting on June 24th, 2021. This will be a fully virtual meeting. ​The agenda will include programmatic updates of relevance for the ExoPAG community, science updates and descriptions of exciting new capabilities, updates from SIGs and SAGs, as well as our regular business meeting.

Members can propose ideas for future ExoPAG findings via this google form. (See description of past findings.)

Community members may also propose suggestions for the ExoPAG that will be dispositioned by the EC and can subsequently be discussed by the full ExoPAG.

ExoPAG meetings offer an opportunity to participate in discussions of scientific and technical issues in exoplanet exploration, and a forum for community input on the prioritization of activities in NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP). All interested members of the space science community are invited to attend and participate. Suggestions for topics and/or speakers at the meeting along these lines are welcome.

Please note that we also plan to hold a community forum later in the summer to review the exoplanet related recommendations of the Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics (2020) after its release.


  • Thursday, June 24th, 2021: Time 12pm-5:15pm ET / 9am-2:15pm PT

Remote participation access:

  • Join Webex
  • Meeting ID: 199 255 8674
  • Meeting Password: planets
  • If a web connection is not accessible, you may dial direct 844-575-9329

Please follow these best practices for optimal webex performance, this is particularly important in meetings of this size:

  • Join the meeting using the link above (preferably via application download or alternatively via browser) and connect to audio via computer. If necessary, you can choose to have webex call you via phone.
  • Keep your camera off unless you are speaking (this saves bandwidth)
  • Keep your microphone muted if you are not speaking
  • Join the meeting at least 15 minutes early to download the application if necessary and test the audio connection

Real Time Questions and Answers

  • Questions for speakers and the Executive Committee should be submitted via the NASA tool at!/dashboard. Click the "+ ask" button on the left side of the green box to submit a question.
  • The Q&A session will be moderated and all appropriate questions will be made public (i.e. no profanity, abuse etc)
  • All public questions will be published anonymously
  • Questions can be "upvoted" by other attendees by clicking the arrow to the left of the question
  • All answers can be viewed under each question

If you need logistical assistance, feel free to contact the Exoplanet Program Office staff at


Registration is not required for the ExoPAG meeting and the ExoPAG is not affiliated with any other conferences.