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Session Overview

In preparation for the upcoming NOIRLab request for 2023B observing proposals, the NASA-NSF Exoplanet Observational Research (NN-EXPLORE) program hosted a remote informational session on observing opportunities available to the US community. This session is useful to observational astronomers interested in exoplanet research and associated with US institutions.

NN-EXPLORE opportunities include access to the NEID high resolution spectrometer at the WIYN telescope in Kitt Peak, High Resolution Speckle imaging at WIYN, Gemini-North and Gemini-South, and access to radial velocity facilities in the Southern Hemisphere (SMARTS-1.5m/CHIRON and MINERVA-Australis).

The session described the resources available to users preparing proposals, the performance of the instruments, and types of observations that benefit most of these instruments.


Title Speaker Duration
The NN-EXPLORE Program David Ardila (JPL) 10 min
The High-Resolution Imaging Program Steve Howell (Ames Research Center) 10 min
The NEID spectrometer Sarah Logsdon (NOIRLab) 10 min
The SMARTS/CHIRON spectrometer Todd Henry (RECONS) 10 min
The MINERVA-Australis spectrometer Rob Wittenmyer (USQ Aus) 10 min
Additional Discussion All 10 min

Session Details:

If you have any questions, please contact the NN-EXPLORE manager:
David R. Ardila (david.r.ardila@jpl.nasa.gov).