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The cornerstone of the NN-EXPLORE partnership is a new NASA-funded Extreme Precision Doppler Spectrometer (EPDS), called NEID. The instrument will be installed as a facility-class instrument on the 3.5-m WIYN telescope, and it will be made available to the scientific community through the NOIRLAb time allocation committee (TAC) process.

NASA has selected Penn State to develop NEID, a facility-class extreme precision Doppler spectrometer (EPDS) for the WIYN telescope.

NEID includes a solar telescope and will provide daily NEID solar data. The solar data will be archived in available in the NExScI community archive.

NEID time available on WIYN telescope will support NASA programs such as Kepler, K2, and TESS and initiatives such as EPRV.


  • Manage an exoplanet-targeted GO and guaranteed time program at WIYN with NEID and existing instrumentation on WIYN.
  • Maintain a data management system for NEID data products and make them available to the community through NExScI.
  • Provide open community access to NEID for observations that support NASA missions.

Guest Observer (GO) Program

NASA will manage an exoplanet-targeted Guest Observer (GO) program including existing instrumentation using NOIRLab share (40%, approximately 90 nights per year) of WIYN time.