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Exoplanet Science Strategy Recommendation:

“NASA and NSF should establish a strategic initiative in extremely precise radial velocities (EPRVs) to develop methods and facilities for measuring the masses of temperate terrestrial planets orbiting Sun-like stars”

  • Combine efforts in instrumentation, survey execution, and data analysis techniques involving stellar astrophysics and heliophysics
  • Undertake the coordinated, sustained effort to tackle the myriad of error terms that currently limit RV precision.
  • Assess ultimate goal to control of systematics at ~1 cm/s accounting for stellar variability and tellurics

Response: NASA and NSF are jointly commissioning a community-based “Extreme Precision Radial Velocity (EPRV) Working Group” (EPRV-WG) to develop a blueprint for a strategic EPRV initiative.

  • EPRV-WG to submit a candidate program architecture by Feb 2020 for consideration by Agencies during annual budget planning process

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