RCN Steering Committee

  • Drake Deming - RCN SC Member
    Drake Deming (University of Maryland, College Park)
    Drake Deming is Research Professor of Astronomy at the University of Maryland at College Park. For the most recent two decades, Drake has worked on spectroscopy of transiting exoplanets. Drake also has a long-standing interest in the velocity stability of the Sun-as-a-star, and he conducted some early observations of the Sun's velocity stability using a Fourier transform spectrometer.

  • Irina Kitiashvili - RCN SC Member
    Irina Kitiashvili (NASA Ames Research Center)

  • Paul Robertson - RCN SC Member
    Paul Robertson (UC Irvine)
    Paul Robertson is an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Irvine. He is a Project Scientist for the Habitable-zone Planet Finder (HPF) and NEID Doppler Spectrometers. His research interests focus on radial velocity detection of exoplanets via instrumentation, survey design, and analysis of stellar variability.

  • Rachael Rottenbacher  - RCN SC Member
    Rachael Roettenbacher (Yale University)
    Rachael Roettenbacher is a 51 Pegasi b fellow at Yale University, where she studies active stars with a variety of techniques, including interferometric imaging. A current aim of her work is to use stellar images to account for the stellar radial velocity contributions in the search for exoplanets with extreme precision radial velocity spectrographs.

  • Arpita Roy - RCN SC Member
    Arpita Roy (STScI)
    Arpita Roy is an Assistant Astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute. She is the Project Scientist for the Keck Planet Finder spectrograph, and an architect of several other EPRV instruments including NEID, HPF, and PARAS. Her research combines instrumentation with precision data analysis for the detection of small planetary signatures in the presence of stellar noise.

  • Steve Saar - RCN SC Member
    Steve Saar (Center for Astrophysics ∣ Harvard & Smithsonian)
    Steve Saar specializes in solar/stellar magnetic fields and related activity and phenomena, and the effects of these on radial velocities. He also studies stellar rotation and its evolution, and other stellar velocity fields.

  • Ryan Terrien - RCN SC Member
    Ryan Terrien (Carleton College)
    Ryan Terrien is an Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. He is interested in instrumentation for precise radial velocities, low-mass stars, and teaching physics.

  • Virisha Timmaraju - RCN SC Member
    Virisha Timmaraju (JPL)
    Virisha Timmaraju is a Data Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, passionate about applying data science to various problems in astrophysics, primarily searching for habitable planets like the Earth and looking for signs of intelligent life outside our planet.

  • Andrew Vanderburg - RCN SC Member
    Andrew Vanderburg (MIT)
    Andrew is an assistant professor of physics at MIT studying exoplanet detection and characterization. He is particularly interested in developing new data analysis methods and tools to enable the discovery of small planets and understand their detailed properties. His group uses methods like deep neural networks to detect and exploit subtle patterns in data and automate analysis tasks that traditionally required human judgment.

RCN Co-Leads

  • Jennifer Burt - RCN Co-Lead
    Jennifer Burt (JPL)

    Jennifer is a staff scientist at JPL, where she focuses on measuring the masses of small exoplanets with precision radial velocity spectrographs on a variety of ground based telescopes.

  • David Ciardi - RCN Co-Lead
    David Ciardi (Caltech IPAC)