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While the state-of-the-art spectrometer is being developed, the NASA-NSF partnership has established an exoplanet-related Guest Observer research program on the WIYN telescope including existing instrumentation at WIYN. Call for proposals are issued by NOAO and due on the normal semester schedule - Deadlines are the last day in September for the following “A” semester (February 1 – July 31) and the last day in March for the following “B” semester (August 1 – January 31). Proposal submission information can be found at https://noirlab.edu/science/observing-noirlab/proposals/call-for-proposals. NASA plans to provide modest funding to selected PIs to cover partial cost of travel, observation, data analysis and publication.

• Call for NASA Exoplanet GO Proposals

WIYN schedule for approved programs

• Selected proposals pre-2022B: 2022A (below), 2021B, 2021A, 2020B, 2020A, 2019B, 2019A, 2018B, 2018A, 2017B, 2017A, 2016B, 2016A, 2015B

2022A GO Awards

# PI Institution Instrument Title
1 William Balmer Johns Hopkins University NEID A precision mass measurement of the most inflated hot-Saturn HAT-P-67 b
2 Corey Beard University of California, Irvine NEID Simultaneous Observations of Kepler Objects With TESS and NEID
3 Caleb Canas Pennsylvania State University NEID Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurements of a warm gas giant orbiting an M dwarf
4 Jiayin Dong Pennsylvania State University NEID Conquering Stellar Variability for Young Planet Mass: A Frontier Study of TOI-1268b
5 Rae Holcomb University of California - Irvine NEID University of California - Irvine
6 Kathryn Lester NASA Ames NEID Spectroscopic Orbits of Exoplanet Host Binaries
7 Andrea Lin Pennsylvania State University NEID Searching for Nearby Exoplanets Around K-dwarfs with NEID
8 Jacob Luhn University of California - Irvine NEID 2 Fingers on the Pulse: Simultaneously Resolving P-mode Oscillations with NEID and TESS
9 Andrew Ridden-harper Cornell University NEID First atmospheric characterization of the ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-17b
10 Arpita Roy Space Telescope Science Institute NEID Benchmarking Epsilon Eridani: Planet Searches in the Realm of Detailed Chromatic Activity Characterization
11 Gudmundur Stefansson Princeton University NEID Probing the Exoplanet Architectural Dichotomy
12 Angelle Tanner Mississippi State University NEID NEID observations of Active G and K dwarf candidate planetary systems
13 Shreyas Vissapragada California Institute of Technology NEID How Heavy is the Low-Density Gas Giant TOI-1420.01?
14 Samuel Yee Princeton University NEID The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey
15 Arvind Gupta Pennsylvania State University NEID/NESSI Radial Velocity Follow-up Observations of Long-period TESS Exoplanet Candidates with NEID
16 Steve Howell NASA Ames NESSI Validation and Characterization of TESS Exoplanets with High Resolution Speckle Imaging
17 Arpita Roy Space Telescope Science Institute NESSI Direct Detection of Reflected Light from 51 Pegasi b