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While the state-of-the-art spectrometer is being developed, the NSF-NASA partnership will establish an exoplanet-related Guest Observer research program on the WIYN telescope with existing instrumentation at WIYN. Call for proposals are issued by NOAO and due on the normal semester schedule - Deadlines are the last day in September for the following “A” semester (February 1 – July 31) and the last day in March for the following “B” semester (August 1 – January 31). Proposal submission information can be found at https://noirlab.edu/science/observing-noirlab/proposals/call-for-proposals. NASA plans to provide modest funding to selected PIs to cover partial cost of travel, observation, data analysis and publication.

WIYN schedule for approved programs

• Selected proposals pre-2022B: 2022A, 2021B, 2021A, 2020B, 2020A, 2019B, 2019A, 2018B, 2018A, 2017B, 2017A, 2016B, 2016A (below), 2015B

2016A GO Awards
# PI Institution Title
1 Cauley, Paul Wesleyan Measuring pre-transit absorption around the hot planets GJ 436 b and KELT-3 b
2 Redfield, Seth Wesleyan Rayleigh Scattering in Exoplanet Atmospheres
3 Mann, Andrew U Texas Clusters with K2: systematics from membership and binarity
4 Nagasawa, Daniel Texas A&M Metallicity of M-dwarf Exoplanet Hosts through F/G/K+M Common Proper Motion Binary Pair Analysis
5 Smith, Verne NOAO Accurate Stellar Characterization for Kepler Extended Mission (K2) Exoplanet Host Stars
6 Colon, Knicole Bay Area Environmental Research Institute Characterizing K2 Exoplanet Candidates with High-Precision Near-Infrared Transit Photometry
7 Hartman, Joel Princeton Secondary Eclipse Observations of Hot Jupiters with WHIRC
8 Howell, Steve NASA-Ames Validation, Radius Determination, and Host Star Bina- rity of K2 Exoplanets
9 Hirsch, Lea UC Berkeley Planets in Binary Systems
10 Ma, Bo Florida A Multiplicity Survey of Solar-type Stars with Brown Dwarf Companions
11 Bachelet, Eienne LCOGT Cool bound Neptunes and Free-Floating planets from K2/Campaign 9
12 Beatty, Thomas Penn State A New Method to Measure the H-Ks Color of the Day- sides of Hot Jupiters
13 Ma, Bo Florida Confirming the Planet-Metallicity Correlation For Small Planets
14 Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin U. Toledo Planet Occurrence around Mid-M Dwarfs in the Kepler Field
15 Curtis, Jason Penn State Contemporaneous K2 and WIYN/Hydra measurements of stellar rotation and magnetic activity of 3 Gyr Sun- like stars in Ruprecht 147 /Membership of Ruprecht 147 to support the K2 Survey