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While the state-of-the-art spectrometer is being developed, the NSF-NASA partnership will establish an exoplanet-related Guest Observer research program on the WIYN telescope with existing instrumentation at WIYN. Call for proposals are issued by NOAO and due on the normal semester schedule - Deadlines are the last day in September for the following “A” semester (February 1 – July 31) and the last day in March for the following “B” semester (August 1 – January 31). Proposal submission information can be found at http://noirlab.edu/science/observing-noirlab/proposals/call-for-proposals. NASA plans to provide modest funding to selected PIs to cover partial cost of travel, observation, data analysis and publication.

• Call for NASA Exoplanet GO Proposals (due March 31, 2017)

WIYN schedule for approved programs

• Selected proposals pre-2022B: 2022A, 2021B, 2021A, 2020B, 2020A, 2019B, 2019A, 2018B, 2018A, 2017B, 2017A (below), 2016B, 2016A, 2015B

2017A GO Awards
# PI Institution Title
1 Lee, Chien-Hsiu Research Corp. of the University of Hawaii High precision photometry to constrain the fundamental properties of very low mass stars (VLMS)
2 Smith, Verne NOAO Accurate Stellar Characterization for Kepler Extended Mission (K2) Exoplanet Host Stars
3 Gosnell, Natalie Colorado College Clusters with : systematics from membership and binarity
4 Jeffries, Robin Keele University The radii of M-dwarfs in the Praesepe cluster
5 Hartman, Joel Princeton Follow-up Observations of HATNet Transiting Planet Candidates with WIYN
6 Colon, Knicole Bay Area Environmental Research Institute Characterizing K2 Exoplanet Candidates with High-Precision Near-Infrared Transit Photometry
7 Omiya, Masashi National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Spectroscopic survey of nearby late-M dwarfs for near-future Earth-like planet searches II
8 Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin Univ. Toledo Planet Occurrence around Mid-Type M Dwarfs in the Kepler Field
9 Smith, J Allyn Austin Peay State University Exoplanet Formation In Dolidze-35
10 Dalba, Paul Boston University Recovering the Transit of KIC 9413313b: A Potential Exomoon Host Lost to Transit Timing Variations
11 Howell, Steve NASA-Ames K2 Exoplanet Candidates: Small Planet Validation and Host Star Binarity
12 Barclay, Thomas Bay Area Environmental Research Institute Exoplanetology with near-simultaneous optical and infrared transits
13 Davidson, James University of Virgina Which KOI Binaries are Gravitationally Bound?
14 Everett, Mark NOAO Speckle Imaging to Characterize late-K & M Dwarf TESS Targets near the North Ecliptic Pole
15 Giampapa, Mark AURA Seeing SPOTS with NESSI: Starspot Photometric Observations of Transiting Systems
16 Grieves, Nolan University of Florida Investigating Binary Trends of Solar-type Stars Hosting Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets
17 Hartman, Joel Princeton Follow-up Observations of HATNet Transiting Planet Candidates with WIYN
18 Livingston, John University of Tokyo Exoplanet Validation for K2 Campaign 10
19 Ma, Bo University of Florida Speckle imaging of Giant Star with a Long-term RV Trend
20 Ma, Bo University of Florida A Multiplicity Survey of Solar-type Stars with Brown Dwarf Companions
21 Scott, Nic NASA Ames Research Center Investigation of Exozodiacal Dust Disk Host Stars
22 van Belle, Gerard Lowell Observatory NESSI Survey of Potential Low-Mass Exoplanet Hosts