January 25, 2017


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NASA Research Announcement

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Meeting Details

An informational workshop will be held January 26, 2017, 1:00 - 2:40 pm EDT to assist TDEM-16 proposers. Presentations will be made by the ExEP Program Scientist Doug Hudgins and ExEP Program Chief Technologist Nick Siegler followed by a Q&A

Time: 10:00am -11:40pm PST 1:00pm - 2:40pm EST
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2017
Meeting # 907 769 377
Dial In: 510-210-8882 USA Toll
Dial In Passcode: 907 769 377


Start Topic Speaker
1:00 Welcome and logistics Douglas Hudgins
1:10 Purpose and Scope of SAT/TDEM Douglas Hudgins
1:40 Available ExEP Resources at JPL Nick Siegler
2:10 Q & A
2:40 Adjourn


Q1: Regarding the use of modeling software to predict coronagraph starlight suppression, is a team expected to perform the modeling themselves using PROPER, or will this be done by John Krist (JPL) on behalf of the team?

A1: You should coordinate this with the Exoplanet Program (Brendan Crill, when developing your proposal. Should you wish to do the modeling yourself, PROPER code for prediction of starlight suppression is publicly available, listed under John Krist’s 2009 TDEM effort at

Q2: Are technologies that are useful “add-ons” to WFIRST excluded?

A2: Technologies that would be advanced by WFIRST to their requirements level are excluded.

Q3: Although the technology is aimed at enabling the detection and characterization of Earth-like planets, would proposals that develop technology for the imaging of dust-disks be acceptable

A3: Yes, providing what is proposed demonstrates the advancement of technologies in the direction of enabling the detection of Earth-like planets.

Q4: Are other potentially-competed missions with goals other than direct imaging of exoplanets also excluded? (e.g., characterization of exoplanetary debris in circumstellar environments)?

A4: This SAT solicitation excludes technology development for any competed mission concept, regardless of its science goals. The SAT program is restricted to technology development for potential future strategic missions only. This change was instituted to make the TDEM element consistent with the other two elements of the SAT solicitation. Technology development for competed missions (e.g. Explorer missions) can be proposed under the APRA program.