Feature | April 16, 2020

ExoQuest: An Eyes on Exoplanets Scavenger Hunt

Travel into deep space in search of strange and unusual planets that lurk beyond our solar system – called exoplanets. Amaze your family and friends with the knowledge you will gain and the discoveries that you will uncover. Complete all of the quests and be rewarded for your journey!

A graphic showing a travel through cartoon space featuring a rocket and strange planets to begin your quest.
Print out this quest and explore our Eyes on Exoplanets feature!

Using the Eyes on Exoplanets real-time, 3D interactive application, scour the known universe in search of answers for all of the quests. Once you finish, print out a certificate of completion and download exclusive Exoplanet Travel Bureau posters to hang proudly on your wall.

First, check out Eyes on Exoplanets! Enter full-screen mode for the best experience and close all other windows/tabs (except this one if you're working without a printout).

For ages 8 to adult!

Welcome to the Milky Way. Now begin your adventure!

Eyes on Exoplanets

Quest 1: What is an exoplanet?

Quest 2: What is the name of our home galaxy, which includes Earth, Mars and all of the known exoplanets?

Quest 3: How many types of exoplanets can you search in Eyes on Exoplanets (including All!)?

Quest 4: If you “browse planets,” which weird gas-giant exoplanet is shaped like an egg?

Quest 5: How many NASA space telescopes, or “missions,” are there that detect exoplanets?

Quest 6: “Viewing from Earth,” click on the location where you live on the globe. Did you find it?

Quest 7: Select the “Display Constellations” box. Can you locate Orion’s belt?

Quest 8: Using the Search tool, locate TRAPPIST-1b. What color is it shown as? How does it compare to Earth? Jupiter?

Quest 9: There are many types of exoplanets. What is a Super-Earth and how many have been discovered?


Download your NASA certificate!

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