Meeting-in-Meeting held at the 224th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, in Boston MA, June 3-4, 2014.

What kind of planets lie at orbit radii of 1-2 AU - beyond the reach of Kepler? In the last two decades we have explored a sample of RV-detected planets, discovered distant planets with microlensing, and several hot young planets at large radii have been detected by direct imaging, as well as the debris disks that provide clues to formation and evolution. In these 4 sessions, we explore the near future, and how we can expect to learn much more about the demographics and properties of cold outer planets. AFTA-WFIRST will open up this area, with a microlensing survey to probe the population of long-orbit planets, and coronagraphy to take images and spectra of large planets in orbits at a few AU. NASA also has probe-­-scale mission concepts under study for direct imaging and spectroscopy of exoplanets.

Planets Beyond the Reach of Kepler I: What We Know Today and What We Would Like to Learn

Planets Beyond the Reach of Kepler II: Demographics

Planets Beyond the Reach of Kepler III: Ground-based Imaging and Spectroscopy

Planets Beyond the Reach of Kepler IV: The Near Future