Coronagraphic Imaging Papers

Astrophysical Results with Stellar Coronagraphy

Coronagraphic Imaging with the Hubble Space Telescope and the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph

A search for exozodiacal dust and faint companions around Sirius, Procyon, and Altair with the NICMOS coronagraph

Searching for faint companions to nearby stars with the Hubble Space Telescope

Discovery of a cool Brown Dwarf

A coronagraphic search for Brown Dwarfs around nearby stars

Theoretical Limitations of Coronagraphy

Speckle decorrelation and dynamic range in speckle noise-limited imaging

Imaging spectroscopy for extrasolar planet detection

Ground-based coronagraphy with high-order adaptive optics

High angular resolution coronography for adaptive optics

High dynamic range imaging using a deformable mirror for space coronagraphy

Optimization and Performance of Adaptive Optics for Imaging Extrasolar Planets

Ground-based imaging of extrasolar planets using adaptive optics

On the feasibility of detecting extrasolar planets by reflected starlight using the Hubble Space Telescope

Simplified solution of diffraction from a Lyot system

Methods of detecting extra-solar planets 1. Imaging

The study of the solar corona and prominences without eclipses

?tude de la couronne solaire en dehors des ?clipses

Adaptive Optics Instrument Papers

A stellar coronograph for the COME-ON-PLUS adaptive optics system .1. Description and performance

Papers on Stops and Image Masks

A coronagraph with a band-limited mask for finding terrestrial planets

Papers on Pupil Masks

First high-contrast imaging using a Gaussian aperture pupil mask

A new pupil for detecting extra-solar planets

Papers on Apodized Pupils

Principle of an Achromatic Prolate Apodized Lyot Coronagraph

Detection of Earth-like Planets Using Apodized Telescopes

Direct imaging of nonsolar planets with infrared telescopes using apodized coronagraphs


Papers on Phase Masks

The four-quadrant phase mask coronagraph. III. Laboratory performance

The Four-Quadrant Phase Mask Coronagraph. II. Simulations.

The Four-Quadrant Phase-Mask Coronagraph. I. Principle

The nulling stellar coronagraph: laboratory tests and performance evaluation

Stellar Coronagraph with Phase Mask

Papers on Pupil Mapping and Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization

Hybrid Interferometer/Coronagraph Designs

Stellar Coronagraphy: Study and Test of a Hybrid Interfero-Coronagraph

On-sky Observations with an Achromatic Hybrid Phase Knife Coronagraph in the Visible

Nulling Coronagraphy

Achromatic interfero-coronography: II. Effective performance on the sky

Le coronographe interférentiel achromatique,

Principe d'un coronographe interférentiel

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