The objective of this meeting will be to continue the process of developing coherent community plan for exoplanet exploration, focusing on areas where NASA can contribute. We are inviting members of the exoplanet community to attend virtual meetings and provide input on the objectives and priorities for the study of exoplanets. In this context, we will also be discussing Paul Hertz's charge to the PAGs to recommend missions for detailed science and technology definition studies, in preparation for the 2020 decadal survey.

Virtual Meeting Dates

June 2, 2015 (11am - 2pm) PDT

July 14, 2015 (10am - 1pm) PDT

August 18, 2015 (10am - 1pm) PDT


Toll Free: 844-575-9329
From JPL: 4-4044
Meeting ID: 15154700

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