March 12, 2021

The ExoExplorer Science Series on March 12 from 1-2 PM Pacific / 4-5 PM Eastern. Connection information is below.

Speaker: Quang Tran (UT Austin)

Title: "Establishing the Epoch of Giant Planet Migration"

Abstract: Most giant planets are expected to have formed beyond the water ice line where their assembly is most efficient. The presence of giant planets interior to ~3 AU around Sun-like stars indicates that inward orbital migration is likely a common phenomenon. However, the processes by which these gas giants arrived at their present-day locations are poorly constrained because radial velocity and transit surveys have largely avoided young stars. As a result, our knowledge of giant planet statistics is primarily confined to old ages (~1-10 Gyr) after most migration has terminated. One solution to find planets around young stars is to move from optical RVs to the near-infrared (NIR), where jitter is reduced as starspot-to-stellar photosphere contrasts are lower than in the optical. In 2018 we launched a precise RV survey of over one hundred intermediate-age (~20-200 Myr) GK dwarfs with the Habitable-Zone Planet Finder near-infrared spectrograph (HPF) at McDonald Observatory's Hobby Eberly Telescope to determine the timescale and dominant physical mechanism of giant planet migration. The Epoch of Giant Planet Migration survey aims to improve our understanding of how and when giant planets migrate to small separations. In this talk, I will summarize results from the first 14 months of this program. We find that RV scatter is significantly reduced in the NIR compared to the optical, facilitating the search for planets around young, active stars.

Speaker: Amy Glazier (UNC Chapel Hill)

Title: "Constraints on Post-Superflare Exo-Auroral Emission with SOAR and the Evryscope Fast Transient Engine"

Abstract: TBD

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