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Precursor Science Gaps for 2022 ROSES Proposal Call

This series of workshop solicits broad community input that will inform the creation of a new ​NASA ROSES funding element, with proposals due later in 2022, and provides opportunities for the community to engage with each other and NASA on potential proposal ideas, while working towards greater equitable inclusion of more diverse people in NASA's proposals.

Please visit the Workshop I and Workshop II pages for further information!

Types of science investigations:

  • Precursor Science: informs mission architecture/trades.
    • Criticality: now.
  • Preparatory Science: Informs data/interpretation or early operations.
    • Criticality: by/after launch.
  • Follow up: investigations that follow up on discoveries or other science from the mission
    • Criticality: after launch/ potentially: coordination / planning prior to launch
  • Other: everything else!

Organized in part by NASA HQ Astrophysics and NASA's Physics of the Cosmos, Cosmic Origins, and Exoplanet Exploration Program Offices.

For urgent queries, please contact Eric Smith and/or Terri Brandt