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Agenda Item (Day #1) Presenter
Workshop Introduction and Objectives Blackwood, Grady
Design delivery status Zhao
Design Description for the  AFTA pupil
Architecture 1 Design Description:  Hybrid Lyot (with correction) Trauger
Architecture 2 Design Description:  Shaped Pupil Kasdin
Architecture 3 Design Description:  PIAA - CMC (Addendum) Guyon / Belikov
Architecture 4 Design Description:  Vector Vortex Serabyn
Architecture 5 Design Description:  VNC - DaVinci Shao
Architecture 6 Design Description:  VNC - Phase-Occulted Lyon
Preliminary analysis results for Architectures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Krist / Sidick
Preliminary sensitivity Study Results Shaklan
TFOM status recap Zhao