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“Eyes on Exoplanets” is a fully rendered, scientifically accurate 3D universe that allows you to explore thousands of exotic planetary systems known to orbit distant stars.

On desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can visit newly discovered gas giants, Earth-sized planets and “super Earths”—rocky like ours, but gargantuan. The program is updated daily with the latest finds from NASA's Kepler mission and from ground-based observatories around the world as they hunt for planets like our own.

You can instantly find out the time it would take to travel to each planetary system by car, jet plane, bullet train or starship. Use an overlay to compare the orbits of planets in our solar system with those around other stars. Or you can search for planets that might support life by toggling the “habitable zone” display, showing the region around a star where temperatures are right for liquid water.

“Eyes on Exoplanets” is powered by NASA's Exoplanet Archive, the official database used by professional astronomers engaged in exploring new worlds.

Also available: Downloadable desktop version

exoplanet: a planet that orbits a star outside our solar system

Recommended Platforms

Mac OSX 10.12.6+ Safari 11+, Chrome 66+, Firefox 59.0.2+
iPhone iOS 11.2.5+ 6S+, Safari 11+, Chrome 66+, Firefox 59.0.2+
iPad iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
Windows 7+ Chrome 66+, Firefox 59.0.2+, Edge 41+
Android Marshmallow 6.0.1+, Chrome 66+, Firefox 60.0.2+
CPU PC Intel i7+, Mobile quad-core+
Memory PC 8GB+, Mobile 2GB+
Graphics PC mid-range+, Mobile Adreno 530+

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