Four brave explorers, the Captain, the Brain, the Scout, and the Friend, find themselves flung across the galaxy onto different exoplanets. Separated by space, the Exoplaneteers search for signs of life, or friends, out in the cosmos while battling the dangers of these strange worlds.

The Captain

The Captain is a short, square character that has its hands on its hips and a confident stance. The character is square-shaped with its legs being the bottom two points of the square and its face being a forward-facing pyramid on the front of that square. The character is made up of a mix of blue, purple, and pink colors.

The Captain is the Exoplaneteers' fearless leader who never backs down from a good adventure, no matter how dangerous it may be. Nothing seems to faze this intrepid space traveler as they face some of the most perilous obstacles in the cosmos with lionhearted bravery and their signature snarky wit. But don't let the Captain's tough exterior fool you, they are the first to leap into action when their friends need them. The Captain now finds themself on AU Microscopii b, a Neptune-sized gaseous exoplanet.

The Friend

The Friend is a medium-sized, blob-shaped character that is primarily a mix of bright greens with some pink, white and blue accents, and a bright pink shadow. The Friend has two short, blobby arms and two short, blobby legs but is mostly made up of a rounded torso that at its center has a long, wavy smile with an eye on either side. At the top of this character is a "hairdo" that has a blobby, slime-like shape with a small number of scattered dots that loosely resemble flowers.

The Friend could best be described as a mix between a golden retriever and a literal teddy bear. Full of love and excitement, they can typically be found in a state of awe, marveling at their amazing friends and the wonders of the universe, even if those wonders are actively trying to kill them. They now find themself on 55 Cancri e, a super-Earth exoplanet where lava flows across a hot, molten surface. On the night side of the tidally locked planet, silicates in the atmosphere condense into sparkling clouds.

The Brain

The Brain is a cartoon character that has a tall, slender shape with long legs connecting at the torso. The Brain has a small, bean-shaped body on top of its tall legs and two arms with hands and fingers that intertwine in front of it. The character does not have a distinct head separate from its body, but its face has a nervous expression comprised of silver glasses (each side of the glasses is shaped like a small face), a wide flat orange nose with blue speckles, and a single tooth jutting out from the bottom of the nose. The character is primarily yellow with some orange shading.

The Brain is as smart as they come. They are always learning something new and seem to have the answer for everything. While they might be the quietest of the group, their quick thinking, resourceful creativity, and seemingly limitless knowledge has saved them and their friends from cosmic disaster on more than one occasion. The Brain now finds themself on TRAPPIST-1 e, a rocky, terrestrial exoplanet roughly the size of Earth in the habitable zone, or "goldilocks zone," of its star.

The Scout

The Scout is a small, zany character floating in mid-air. The character has no discernable body, but at its center is its head which is yellow and potato-shaped with two, large red eyes and a small orange nose at its center. With three small purple horns on the top of its head, the character has one orange appendage extending from the crown of its head, and two from either side of its face, with four small yellow appendages extending from the base of its head. It has some bright, purple, green, orange, and blue details.

The Scout is a ball of energy. While their friends might call them "zany," (and they'd be right) they are so much more than just a chaotic exterior. They have a remarkable zest for life that those who have met them envy. The Scout now finds themself on 51 Eridani b, a gas giant exoplanet with a methane-rich atmosphere.