Illustration of planets the Kepler telescope has found.

Discovery alert! 95 new planets found with NASA telescope

Credit: NASA/W. Stenzel

News | February 15, 2018

Discovery: 95 new planets!

Discovered by: Andrew Mayo et al. using NASA's Kepler telescope

Date: February 15, 2018

Key Facts: Ninety-five new exoplanets were discovered beyond our solar system! The planets range in size from mostly rocky super-Earths and fluffy mini-Neptunes to Jupiter-like giants. They include a new planet orbiting a very bright star– the brightest star ever discovered by Kepler to have a transiting planet. The new worlds were found using NASA's Kepler telescope, which launched almost a decade ago.

What's new: Planets, in all shapes and sizes! These discoveries aren't just cool– they're also somewhat of a miracle. During its first mission, parts of the Kepler telescope broke in a way that almost left it drifting. Instead, engineers figured out how to get it back on track. Kepler's second mission, called K2, has confirmed over 300 planets since then.

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Paper: "275 candidates and 149 validated planets orbiting bright stars in K2 campaigns 0-10"