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Agenda Item (Day #2) Presenter
Science products
Turning AFTA Coronagraph Science Requirements into Trade Criteria Blackwood
AFTA Coronagraph Science Requirements Macintosh
Preliminary SFOM Traub
Technology plan
Technology Plan Intro Siegler/Lawson
Prelim Tech plan 1:  Shaped Pupil Kasdin
Prelim Tech plan 2:  PIAA - CMC Guyon / Belikov
Prelim Tech plan 3:  Hybrid Lyot (with correction) Trauger
Prelim Tech plan 4:  Vector Vortex Serabyn
Prelim Tech plan 5:  VNC - DaVinci Shao
Prelim Tech plan 6:  VNC - Phase-Occulted Lyon
Technology Plan recap Siegler/Lawson
Technology Readiness Assessment - update Lawson
Trade matrix:  re-cap Blackwood
Review of Actions, Conclusion, Next Steps Blackwood & Grady